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Previous Shenanigans

Pre-run for Copper Creek Ghost Town, 02September2023

Glad we did the pre run. First of all, it was Amanda's birthday! Amanda, Mike and I headed out to Mammoth, AZ to pick up the mostly well-maintained Copper Creek dirt road. We made it to the old ore chute and old mill site along Copper Creek Canyon, and there ran into a group of the Tucson Roadrunners 4x4 Club. While talking with them, the leader warned us about going any further as the road chokes down to within a foot of a 150' vertical edge, and unknown beyond that. I didn't want us to get into a situation where we had to back up on that stretch of road, so we turned around with the Roadrunners and headed back the way we came. The day was not a toal loss. The clouds were perfect for some nice photos.


Four Peaks to El Oso Road, October 4, 2022

Photo by P. Ryder

We will be traveling in the opposite direction as the arrows indicate. Of course, right?

Information on Tonto National Monument

San Rafael Epic, September 1-6, 2022

A group of friends and I (5 rigs total, all Toyota) went on a route through the San Rafael Swell I had worked out many months back. Spectacular. We entered via Black Dragon Canyon and exited at Temple Mountain. Along the way we hit the old swinging bridge, Buckhorn Wash, camped on the edge of The Wedge with its awesome views of Utah’s Grand Canyon, the Red Ledges (where we ran into a Kevin Costner film crew filming the first in a four-movie production written by, directed by and starred in by  Costner, no, we didn't see anyone but support crew--they were only one of two groups of people we ran into during 5 days in The Swell, amazingly), Eva Conover Trail (what was she smoking??), the incredible Eagle Arch, Lucky Strike ghost town, saw Hondu Arch way up high near Lucky Strike, Tomsich Butte, Chute and Crack Canyons and Temple Butte. It felt like we had the place to ourselves. Epic trip. If you haven’t experienced the Swell, go. You will NOT be disappointed. Here's a slideshow summary.

Bulldog Canyon 20FEB2021

Another Bulldog Canyon run, this time S to N, entering at the Cottonwood Gate off of SR-88 and exiting by way of the Usery Pass Gate onto Ellsworth Road. GoPro battery crapped out not even halfway through so this video never touches the "good stuff." That will have to wait until next time.

Death Valley 420 Overlander:

March 04, 2021 to March 09, 2021


Death Valley 420 Overlander Photos:

March 04, 2021 to March 09, 2021



Workman Creek Falls &

Aztec Peak

May 9, 2021

Box Canyon & Reymert Mine,

Florence, AZ

May 23, 2021

Bighorn & Belmont Mountains, AZ

November 13, 2021

(long one...better grab a beer)

Mogollon Rim, Control Road, 17-MARCH-2021

This trip will explore one of two gems of the Mogollon Rim: The "Control Road" (FR-64) beneath the Rim heading from Tonto Village to Pine-Strawberry/SR-87.

The Control Road winds through the pines and open meadows beneath the Mogollon Rim. There are several options for exploring roads that branch off of the main road. We will start at the east end near Tonto Village and end on SR-87. For those who like craft beer and good food, THAT Brewery (, located in Pine, is just up the road. A great place for lunch.

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